Kingfisher Investment Fund

Kingfisher's  goal is to simplify the experience of investing within the Energy Sector. Kingfisher has built its reputation within the industry utilizing best-in-class investment policies. Our Financial Partners are direct beneficiaries of Kingfisher’s ability to leverage diverse opinions, unparalleled due diligence as well as innovative investment solutions ideally suited to grow your portfolio as well as your trust.
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Kingfisher Corporation can help you take advantage of unprecedented opportunities within the Energy Sector.

We continue to bring new talent and technology to our Team, combining decades of industry experience & expertise with modern investment concepts.
Drilling Offerings

Review high-yield / low-risk Oil & gas Offerings. We focus not only on acquiring but developing subject properties with the primary objective to generate reliable & consistent returns for our Investment Partners.

Tax Benefits

Oil & Gas investments can provide unmatched tax deduction potential for active Investment Partners. Learn More.


Understanding the growing convergence between I.T. & O.T. Operations at the field level.

Advanced Capital

Non-Recourse Funding Service “Loan Origination”. Monetize future Oil & Gas Production. Quick Approval!

Public Strategy

An innovative Public Offering. Coming Soon!

Digital Agency

Full Service creative & technology based solutions.

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Kingfisher is committed to maintaining growth & profitability while supporting a focus on environmental conservation.

We accomplish this balance by establishing ourselves as a safety leader within the industry, embracing state of the art technology, being engaged stewards of the assets in our care and delivering responsible leadership to the energy industry.

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Work with us for increased Tax Benefits

Our team has complex strategies designed to minimize your tax burden. Talk to a representative now.

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For qualified investors we have several Drilling Offers

Kingfisher is offering qualified Financial Partners an opportunity to participate through a Direct Investment.

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Work with us for increased Advanced Production Capital

Kingfisher Corporation understands the Multifaceted nature of the Oil & Gas industry.

We offer Advance Capital Solutions designed to enable your organization to thrive within this current market.

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Diversify with offerings in Technology

Technology plays an important role in our investment strategies. From operational efficiency, production optimization, collaboration, decision support to workflow automation.

View “Prospector Guardian™”, “Vector”, and 3D Mapping Tech”


Full Service Digital Agency

Our in house digital agency is ready to take your brand to the next level. As we rely more and more on technology and design, we are proud to have creative and technical resources at our disposal.


Work with us for our Public Strategy.

Kingfisher intends to issue an IPO, under Reg A+, for a new publicly traded company as soon as 9 months from first barrels flowing into the tanks. 

Phase one investors will have an opportunity to convert all or part their Working Interest Units into cash, stock, or a tailored combination. 


All investors are advised to fully understand all risks associated with any investing they choose to do. Our Drilling Offerings are being delivered to a limited number of prospective qualified investors who may have interest in investing with Kingfisher Corporation. There are no guarantees that the historical performance of an investment, portfolio, or asset class will have a direct correlation with its future performance. The information presented, including oil & gas production projections, is based on current market conditions, which will fluctuate and may be suspended by subsequent market events or for other reasons.