Advanced Production Capital

An APC Transaction permits an oil Producer to monetize oil that it has yet to produce from its Proved Developed Production (PDP). This form of financing is far less expensive than bank debt and can be used for a variety of purposes to enhance and grow your reserves.
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What is APC?

A Capital Solution for the Oil and Gas Industry

Benefits of APC

Superior to Equity and Bank Debt

Producer Benefits

What's in it for me?

Ideal Characteristics for an APC

Producer and Assets


What are the Associated Risks?

Underwriting an APC Transaction - Kingfisher

Kingfisher Corporation Process

  • Determines Production Rates, Declines, Type Curves, etc
  • Underwriting Department: Reviews the Raw Data, evaluating the possibility of doing an APC from a structural aspect
  • Underwriting Department: Performs Financial Analysis, determining capital amount that will prospectively be allotted
  • If Engineering and Development Plans are viable, issuance of a Preliminary Commitment Letter
  • Upon satisfactory Phases I & II, issue a Final Commitment Letter
  • Formal Legal Agreements drawn
  • Closing

Underwriting an APC Transaction - Producer

Producer Process

  • Completes ‘Production Matrix’ that indicates Production Rates, Declines, WI /NRI’s, wellhead to WTI / HH Pricing, Severance, Development Plan to increase Production amounts
  • Provide all pertinent due diligence: Third Party Engineering, Lease Operating Statements, Revenue Statements, Development Programs and Costs, Uses of Proceeds
  • Complete Phase I. of formal Due Diligence Questionnaire
  • 3rd party Engineering Review and Audit
  • Phase II. Due Diligence
  • Physical Inspection
  • Closing

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Advanced Production Capital

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