The Digital Oil Field combines business process management with advanced IT and engineering expertise to streamline and, in many cases, automate the execution of tasks performed by cross-functional teams. Kingfisher is excited to be building a broad platform of leading edge technology assets. Kingfisher recognizes the fact that time is everything. Uptime, downtime, time to first oil, time to cash. Our organization is committed to Operator support technology that delivers reduced carbon footprint, capital efficiency and investment returns.
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Prospector Guardian

Remote  Monitoring & Management

Kingfisher Corporation’s Prospector data collection system provides end users with remote monitoring for critical equipment from anywhere at any time.

Operations Supported:

Prospector provides meticulous and relevant data tracking, early warning detection, increase response time, mitigate risk to personnel and equipment, and generally lower non-productive time.

3D Mapping Tech

Advanced Surveying

The technical staff at Kingfisher Corporation utilizes 3D Mapping Technology to perform a variety of site-related services, including comprehensive site assessment, leak detection, orthomosaic map creation, advanced photogrammetry surveying as well as lost assets discovery. Kingfisher utilizes manned and unmanned systems equipped with high definition and infrared cameras to perform ground level physical inspections.


Debris Removal

The “Vector” Tool removes scale, paraffin, sand bridges and debris within a range of 0’ to 36” from the exit ports and works with fluids, gases, or combination mixtures. To reduce failures, the Vector tool features no moving parts and runs on either CT or PR.

Post Use Results: